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Planet With Episode 11

Sen. Mon Mothma (Genevieve O'Reilly) is trying to hide her rebel fundraising from the Empire, forcing her to work with greasy oligarchical financier Davo Sculdun (Richard Dillane). He isn't interested in being paid to help Mon launder her money but wants his son to be introduced to her daughter in the hope of sealing a Game of Thrones-style marriage pact. Ew.

Planet With Episode 11

NARKINA 5 - We catch up with Cassian and Melchi as they cling to the side of a cliff to evade an Imperial search. They're filthy and their lower extremities are in bad shape from being in the run barefoot.

It briefly looks like the boys are screwed when some Narkinians catch them in horribly restrictive-looking nets as they make a break to steal their ship. It's our first time seeing this planet's native species; they're cool-looking and speak a bit like pirates.

The Narkinians initially suggest they'll turn them in for the Empire's bounty, but mention that the prison has spoiled the planet's water and decide to defy the regime. Much to Cassian's surprise, they agree to take them to Niamos (AKA space Ibiza, where his money is hidden).

FERRIX - Unbeknownst to Cassian, his adoptive mom Maarva dies of her unnamed ailment. The planet's cold had already affected her health, but she exacerbated it through her futile rebellious acts against the occupying Imperials.

Heartbreakingly, charming droid B2EMO (AKA Bee) is devastated by this and doesn't want to leave the house. Family friend Brasso (Joplin Sibtain) is super compassionate toward the droid, even agreeing to stay the night with him in Maarva's house.

We also learn about "bricking," a local custom, where a person's ashes are mixed with mortar and local stone dust to create a brick. It's then inserted into a wall, letting the remains of the deceased become a part of the planet's structure. Which sounds like a lovely tradition, and exactly the kind of idea that gives the Star Wars universe depth.

Vel was previously tasked with killing Cassian, since he could identify Luthen to the Imperials. She sees an opportunity to find him at last, but it's unclear if she'll be willing to take him out -- he proved himself as a pretty honorable ally during the Aldhani heist.

Adding to the rebel politician's stress (or perhaps sharing the burden), Mon reveals the full extent of her money problems to Vel. She had no problems channeling money from her family accounts to Luthen at first, but an Imperial audit made things challenging and the Aldhani heist made it impossible. She's kinda stuck dealing with Davo.

Elsewhere on the city planet, former Corpo sergeant/big Star Wars potty mouth Linus Mosk (Alex Ferns) contacts his disgraced ex-officer Syril Karn (Kyle Soller) and tells him about the possibility of Cassian showing up for Maarva's funeral. Syril steals credits from his mom's safe, presumably to fund his trip to Ferrix.

The wily rebel takes full advantage with his awesome countermeasures, wrecking the dish and battling a bunch of TIE fighters sent to pursue him. In a little coup de grace, he unleashes a pair of supercool laser beams from either side of the ship and spins to take down the last two TIEs.

Melchi suggests they split up, to double their chances of surviving so they can tell people about the Empire ignoring prison sentences and incarcerating people forever. Diego Luna is fascinating to watch in this scene, hiding his grief and acting like everything is cool. C'mon dude, talk it out with Melchi!

The Planet Earth is a BBC nature documentary series narrated by David Attenborough, looking at a global overview of different habitats on Earth. The series consists of eleven episodes which cover various different types of wildlife habitats on our planet such as mountains, caves, deserts, and the polar regions.Episode 11 - Ocean Deep. This episode concentrates on the most unexplored area of the planet: the deep ocean. It begins with a whale shark used as a shield by a shoal of bait fish to protect themselves from yellowfin tuna. Also shown is an oceanic whitetip shark trailing rainbow runners. Meanwhile, a 500-strong school of dolphins head for the Azores, where they work together to feast on scad mackerel. Down in the ocean's furthest reaches, some creatures defy classification. On the sea floor, scavengers such as the spider crab bide their time, awaiting carrion from above. The volcanic mountain chain at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean also sustains life through the bacteria that surround its sulphide vents.(from

Trying to jail Altair would mean the new worlds she wanted to create with Setsuna Shimazaki would never come into being. Trying to send the souls of those trapped in an Akuma to hell would deprive them of reunion with their Creator. The world (or worlds!) would be better in both cases if mercy would be the choice instead of justice.

Until the Narkinans realize that taking them off-planet would defy the Empire, whose prison poisoned their water supply. So Cassian gets his money and, therefore, a way to wherever he might go next. He just has to make a quick phone call first, to tell his mom he loves her.

The episode began with the O.O.O Mission across two groups of nine members and one group of eight members. The contestants of each team that had the most number of YouTube likes on their respective video within 24 hours obtained a benefit of 90,000 (nine-member) or 80,000 points (eight-member).

A full ten episodes into its final season feels like a strange place for The 100 to finally bring one of its lead characters fully back into the story and use him to stage a debate about faith and religion, but, hey, Season 7 has been pretty darn weird so far, so maybe that actually tracks.

This really does get better by the episode, though I would so have sacked Kara for writing that letter, it was a huge invasion of privacy. She should have talked to Cat, persuaded her.How the heck does Alex survive these attacks, week after week, with just a bodywarmer to protect her? It's as if Kara believes the only emotions that are valid are her own.I wonder why they call them White Martians in this continutiy when they're so murky.J'onn is rapidly becoming a negative, with his angsty moaning; yeah, survivors' guilt, but to avoid fighting the martian because he's scared of blowing his secret ID? Just don't turn green where you can be seen!I really missed #poorwinn having a big role.

Great episode and great review, Anj. Definately like the spine Kara showed towards Cat after the "You're Fired!" line; basically it's something Cat's been thinking about, and Kara is trying to do that as a friend and a suppporter of Cat.And the turnabout fairplay Cat does at the end, "She's free [tonight]!" Did Cat just pimp out her assistant to her son,in a wierd sort of way? :)Regarding Miranda Crane, I definately saw her agenda taking it's cues from the worst aspects of human history about war, genocide and "X country / planet for Y people, foreigners out!" mentality. Which only reinforces J'onn Jonzz scenes and emotions about him feeling like a total outsider on Earth, and contrasts with Kara who's not only integrated in but is loved / accepted by National City, while he has to skulk about in the shadows in his Henshaw persona and keep who he really is hidden.Also, surprised you didn't mention about Jimmy's sonic watch... which went to Kara this time! Some DEFINATE growth therefor Supergirl being trusted as a protector and able to handle things by herself when they get hot :)Can't wait for the next episode... and VERY hopeful DC Superhero girls ep 11 is where they FINALLY introduce Supergirlfinally. When that's done, my life will be complete!!Regards

The breakneck pace of this season continues to amaze and disquiet me. In the hands of a Joss Whedon or a J. Michael Staczynski (sp) a problematic scene like Kara brokering an Adam-Cat truce would take at least two episodes to properly germinate Berlanti though simply plunges right in and leaves it to his actors to paper over the underwritten aspects of the sequence...Fortunately Benoist/Flockhart seem to "get one another". I don't know if its the slightly abbreviated season or just a mania for speed but this was subplot that could have been left to simmer a week or two especially given the heavy genocide motif of the ep itself.Cat btw knows what she is doing when she sort of pushed Kara and Adam together, if they "click" then at least she is in back in her son's emotional orbit after a long absence...she must think it's best she can do after a rocky start.My own theory is that Toyman is gonna bust out again and kill Adam in a misguided attempt to remove Winn's romantic rival...heavy stuff if I am right. Does Cat turn on Supergirl for not saving her son? Does Winn go rogue? To say nothing of the effect on poor Kara....lotta good emotional beats there lets hope Berlanti can exploit them properly.JF

Thanks for all the comments!Mart - I don't think that Kara thinks she is always right emotionally. But I think she knows what the high road is. J'onn killing this White martian would have been wrong. And saying you need to rise above makes sense from a hero/inspired way. What she seems to miss is an opening statement that validates how others are feeling. "I can understand your anger Hank but ..." would go a long way.Anon - I do like the relationship between Cat and Kara growing. There is something more mother/daughter or mentor/mentee where they care about each other. That finger snap was bold. If this was just some employee, I think Cat would truly fire them. But Kara/Kira means something else.JF - I keep thinking that the producers were never sure if this would be a hit (remember they haven't heard about a second season yet) and knew all the things they wanted to say and so are sprinting this season. There are plenty of times this season where I have said 'I didn't expect to see *that* this early. The powerless episode. The Cat discovering her identity. The J'onn reveal. And yes, this speedy Adam/Cat reconciliation all are fast. But maybe they are racing to the finish line.The idea of the senior Toyman killing Adam is brilliant, resonating with the comic and sparing Winn from a heel turn.Thanks again!Love talking about this show! 041b061a72


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