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First download this valhexe.exe hexed client here.Extract it to your valkyrie folderThen in server.txt add this code [Philippines - pRO: Valhalla]ip 6900master_version 15version 1secureLogin 1secureLogin_type 0secureLogin_requestCodesecureLogin_account 0serverType pROpatchserver /patch50storageEncryptKey 0x050B6F79, 0x0202C179, 0x0E20120, 0x04FA43E3, 0x0179B6C8, 0x05973DF2, 0x07D8D6B, 0x08CB9ED9serverEncoding TagalogcharBlockSize 112gameGuard 1recvpackets recvpackets-valkyrie.txtaddTableFolders pRO Then in config.txt change master into the code belowmaster Philippines - pRO: Valhallaserver 0username botguidepassword passloginPinCodechar 0 Now your ready to BOT in Valhalla Server Openkore BOT Valhalla BOT Fixed ScreenShotSeptember 15, 2011EndOpenkore BOT How to BOT in Valhalla Server



This time, I will show you how to run a "Perl Application" using your gnome-terminal.Linux is best suit to run a large or more application because of its Processor Threads Technology, when you run Openkore to your Windows OS, the memory ram size is around 50-60megabytes, when you run it to your Linux Distro, it is around 30-40megabytes only. That's why lots of SERVERS, uses Linux because of Security,Reliability and Flexibility.PROOF:You need to install some requirements to run a PERL, and also compiling your Openkore Folder.Requirements:-Openkore Ready-Internet Connection-Ubuntu Gnome-terminalOpenkore Ready: You can download the OpenkoreReady here.Ubuntu Gnome-terminal: We need to install some packages, you can open terminal by using the shortcut way CTRL+ALT+T The TERMINAL is now open, and you need to install a packages.-To install the c++ compiler and essentials, you need to type-in sudo apt-get install build-essential g++-To install the Perl Packages you need to type-insudo apt-get install perl-You also need to install the Perl Zlibsudo apt-get install libcompress-zlib-perl -You need to check if Python was installed to your system, by typingecho 'print "Python is installed"' python if Terminal will print out "Python is installed" then you don't need to install pythonif Terminall giving you an error or blank, then you need to install python by type-insudo apt-get install python -We need to extract the Openkore Ready, after extracting you need to paste it to your Desktop -When you had done extracting the folder, go to your TERMINAL and type-in cd /home/ubuntu/Desktop - We need to go to our Desktop, as you can see I'm using the default user of "Ubuntu", you must need to check your File System so that you must know what User Name you have cd Openkore-I'm now going to Openkore Folder, and to compile the inside of this Openkore. As you can see, You must need to check if you have the "" file. -As you can see, I have the, and we need to compile it using our TERMINAL by typing.perl -You TERMINAL will compile everything with smooth compiling, if TERMINAL gives youan error, then you must check your INSTALLED PACKAGES you must have the PACKAGESabove.-If TERMINAL works perfectly, then you must need to repeat theperl the TERMINAL will run your OPENKORE, just like running WINDOWS OPENKOREto your Ubuntu OS RELATED TOPICS: RUN MULTIPLE OPENKORE.PL 350c69d7ab


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