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Rambo 1 Full Movie Youtube

Parents need to know that the fourth installment in the Rambo franchise is, like its '80s predecessors, full of blood and violence (rendered even more disturbing by the last two decades' technological advances). This is the most violent of the Rambo movies, and much of the second half of the movie is nonstop killing through guns, knives, grenades, landmines, explosions, etc. Female captives are forced to dance on a stage in front of a large group of drunken Burmese soldiers, and soon, the soldiers begin to grab the women, strongly implying that a gang rape is about to take place. A young boy is taken into the quarters of the Burmese commander while all this is taking place; the commander caresses the boy's head and face before shutting the door. People are shot and killed at point-blank range. Children are murdered by Burmese soldiers. A dead body hangs from the gallows, the lower half stripped, presumably by the ravenous pigs gathered below it. Decapitated heads on spikes. Villagers are forced to run through a mined rice paddy -- bodies explode. "F--k" is constantly used, and the leader of the mercenaries says "c--t" once, and uses a racist term to describe Southeast Asians.

Rambo 1 Full Movie Youtube


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